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Dealing With a Vehicle Accident

Accidents happen even if we practice extreme caution while driving. More so if we attempt to beat traffic lights, drink and drive, or take our focus away from the road. Road signs and traffic rules are created for the main purpose of avoiding accidents that may lead to injuries or in worst cases, even death.

If […]

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3 Common Insurance Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

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Shopping for insurance cover, be it home, car or even travel insurance, should be a fun experience. Unfortunately, many of us take the fun out of it by committing numerous insurance mistakes that can easily lead to one spending twice as much on their insurance cover. Therefore, it is very important to avoid […]

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Christian Healthcare Ministries

New Horizon Insurance provides the tools you need when making decisions based on your insurance coverage. But we want you to know that we don’t just care about selling insurance. We also care about the struggles that people face in our communities—including healthcare coverage and those faced with the issue of affordability in Obamacare.  The […]

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In Case of a Fire

Are you planning to travel this upcoming holiday season, or maybe even take a much-needed vacation somewhere warm, and far away? Before you head out the door, be sure to review your homeowner’s insurance policy and be prepared for any mishap to your home while you’re away.

We understand that not everyone is in the process […]

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Back to Basics

Are you a thinking about buying your first home; or do you own your home and already have homeowner’s coverage? If either situation applies, the thought of reading over a policy and understanding the coverage can be frightening. In fact, there may come a time when reading your policy is necessary to making a home […]

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Term and Whole Life Policies

Do you have questions about term and whole life insurance policies? Maybe you’re not certain what these types of insurance offer your family or if purchasing these types of policy would be suited for an individual.

The following video offers an overview of this type of insurance. To answer questions or get your free quote, contact […]

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Boat Insurance- 3 Easy Questions

Our local community enjoy boating our waterways throughout most of the year. During hurricane season, dry-docking and other provisions may be necessary to keep your boat safe and a great insurance policy should protect your investment, along with any repair costs. Watch the following video from Boat US for the 3 questions you should be […]

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Rates on Property Insurance

If you’ve been following us on Facebook, then you may have noticed a recent Fast 5 interview with owner, Ray Collins.

We have received a lot of great feedback about all the information that Ray gave during the interview and we want to share this you here as an ongoing record for our customers to reference.

If […]

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How to Install Hurricane Shutters

If you’ve received the hurricane shutter discount that some homes receive on their annual premiums, then you will need to learn how to install your shutters before a storm—sometimes quickly. For some homeowners, who may already know how to do an install, let this video serve as a reminder. Lowe’s provides this quick tutorial for […]

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Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle driver’s need to be insured just as an automobile driver does.

According to the Department of Motor Vehicles in the State of Alabama, a motorcycle driver is required by law to be at least 15 years of age; which also means that some teens may prefer to begin driving a motorcycle to and from work […]

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