For those of us living and working along the Gulf Coast, tis the season for torrential rain. We have heard the flash flood alerts on our weather radios and cell phones and are keeping a watchful eye on our rising waters.

Flash flooding occurs within 3 to 6 hours after a heavy rainfall or thunderstorm. According to the National Weather Service (NWS), “the location and distribution of the rainfall, the land use and topography, vegetation type and growth/density, soil type and soil water-content,” determine the flash flood factors.

This means the calm and tranquil stream that runs under the bridge in your neighborhood can become a very big problem in a matter of minutes.

We are surrounded by water on the gulf coast and often find water lying in the roads, city streets and causeway. It is very important to remember the danger of the currents in these flood waters to not drive through them.

For more information on how to protect your home and auto from flood damage, please contact one of our representatives today.

source: http://www.weather.gov/