By Dez Duran-Lamanilao

Image source: Travelers 

The level of maturity and the way they perceive things will be quite different between teens and adults. Increased emotional intensity and risk-taking attitude can significantly affect the driving behavior of younger individuals. Thus, buying teenagers a can insurance should be done with careful consideration and planning.

Unless the teen wants to become financially independent, it is always better for a parent to just add your child to your existing car insurance policy. When teenagers purchase an auto policy of their own, they will usually end up as having to pay more expensive premiums.

Why do premiums soar high when adding a teenager to an existing policy? Simply because statistics have long demonstrated that teens crash at a much higher rate than adult drivers. In fact, the accidental risk quadruples when teens are the ones driving; those aged 16 are considered most at risk.

Here are a few tips to ensure that you are getting the right policy for your child:

  • Compare quotes. Most insurance companies will base their insurance rating on age and experience. Your insurance costs can go up by as much as 200%.
  • Be proactive in asking your agent about the latest discounts. Furthermore, ask your agent about good student, defensive driving, good driver, low mileage, and student “away” discounts. They can reduce your premiums by as much as 30%.
  • Know the minimum and maximum coverage your insurer can offer. If you are buying a new car, make sure to include this in your discussion.
  • Teach your teen how to become a responsible driver. This might be the most difficult task for you, but making sure your teen understands the risks of every inappropriate and childish behavior will lessen your worries a hundredfold.

Teenagers have a different logical reasoning as compared to adults, who have greater capacity in understanding the consequences of a specific behavior. Teens can also be easily distracted and are more prone to be overwhelmed by strong emotions and various social factors. Yet you can still pass this sensitive stage victoriously. Teach them how to become responsible drivers and find the right insurer that can understand your needs and dilemma but is still capable of providing the best car insurance policy for your teen.