Do you know that the eye’s retina transforms images into electrical impulses, which our brain receives through the optic nerve? The brain then helps us see as it translates these images into something we can understand. This is why the eyes play a very integral role in the proper functioning of our body. If a household member is suffering from eye-related problems, you may want to consider buying a vision care plan.

Vision Insurance Plan: How it Works and Why You Need It

Vision care or insurance plans operate differently versus other health or medical insurance plans. Their main purpose is to provide vision benefits in the form of wellness or discount plans through coverage of basic eyewear cost, or depending on your premiums, making premium eyewear products such as progressive lenses and anti-reflective coating more affordable.

Under the Affordable Care Act, plans sold in the Marketplaces should include vision care for kids/children. However, for adults, it is not required. You have to take the initiative.

Choosing Between Vision Benefit Plans and Discount Vision Plans

Generally, there are two types of vision care coverage. Your choice will mainly depend on your current and possible future basic needs:

  1. Vision Benefit Plans are policies that will require monthly premiums. Your choice of provider will matter, as each plan may include annual eye examinations, frames, and lenses, or other eye care needs such as eye surgeries. Remember to ask your agent about comprehensive eye exams, as these may be able to detect other systemic diseases that are not usually included in general eye exams.
  1. Vision Discount Plans mean more modest monthly premiums. In most cases, they cover the same products and services, but the savings will not be as extensive as the one you can get from a vision benefit plan since you will only be given discounts to these items. This is ideal if you are on a budget.

You have probably heard and read a lot of eye care tips from a wide array of resources, including expert advice. Certainly, caring for your eyes is tantamount to caring for your total well-being. While you cannot compete against a tiger’s night vision ability, you can certainly protect your eye health through vision insurance plans.