Accidents happen even if we practice extreme caution while driving. More so if we attempt to beat traffic lights, drink and drive, or take our focus away from the road. Road signs and traffic rules are created for the main purpose of avoiding accidents that may lead to injuries or in worst cases, even death.

If the time comes that you get involved in a car accident, here is a list of reminders that might help you deal with the situation, and hopefully make a big difference in minimizing the damages.

  • Pull over and turn on your hazard lights. Move to a safe area (for minor accidents with no serious injuries) whenever possible. If no police officer is around to assist you, call 911.
  • Check if you or anyone of your passengers is hurt. Children need special attention since they may not be able to fully express what they are feeling at the moment. Administer first aid until help arrives.
  • Exchange car insurance information. Get the other driver’s name, telephone number, address, license plate number and driver’s license number.
  • Take photos from multiple angles and gather witnesses. Testimonies from various witnesses may be necessary for insurance claims.
  • Get a police report as soon as you can. This will get you an accurate recording of the details of the accident. You should never leave the scene until the report has been made.
  • Keep calm at all times. It is natural to react to the situation but handling it in a non-agitated manner will allow you to make informed and wise decisions.

What happens if you do not have car insurance? There are many risks to not having car insurance such as paying damages out of pocket, dealing with harsh penalties especially if you are in one of the 50 states where it is illegal to drive without auto insurance and the suspension of your license. The police may even stop you from driving the car and have it towed after an accident.

New Horizon Insurance Agency can help you get reasonable insurance rates depending on your needs. Why sacrifice the risk of facing additional burdens after an accident if you could prevent it? Peace of mind is something that you will definitely long for after a hard day on the road.

By Dez Duran-Lamanilao