Purchasing a policy usually involves collecting quotes from preferred insurers, choosing an insurance agent, and asking the right questions before finally making a decision. The process is usually a smooth one and may only result to delays if either one of the parties is not satisfied with the current terms.

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However, not everything always turns out as expected. There will be times that differences in the way a life, health or car policy is interpreted may arise; and eventually result to legal disputes. This is when the importance of legal protection insurance (LPI) is emphasized, a recommended option if you want to ensure that your rights are protected and taken care of by a responsible and reliable insurance agent/company.

Most cases that require legal protection include car accidents, traffic violations, damages from personal injury, consumer disputes, employment dispute, contract dispute, faulty services or goods, and other legal issues arising from personal or business concerns. No matter the cause, everyone deserves access to affordable and dependable legal protection.

Legal coverage may cater to insured events such as property protection, contract disputes, bodily injury, tax protection, employment disputes and employee legal defense.

Below is an example of services included in a legal plan (plans vary depending on the extent of legal work required):

  • Advice/consultation
  • Communication services
  • Personal document review
  • Trial defense
  • Document preparation
  • For family-related matters:
    • Name change assistance
    • Adoption assistance
    • Separation or divorce assistance

Before purchasing a legal plan, bear in mind that if you have an existing home insurance for example, it usually comes with personal liability coverage. Find out from your insurer your available options, so you can get the best alternative there is.

When accidents happen or when an immediate family member gets sick, you rely on your health insurance. Just the same, purchasing legal protection insurance can help you prepare for unforeseen circumstances that will be more difficult to deal with if you do not have a legal plan to begin with. Your rights matter. Find the right partner capable of defending those rights.