How to Get Your Home Ready for a Vacation

You’re 300 miles outside of town and your wife asks, “Did you remember to turn off the coffee pot?”

Of course everything has been turned off and locked down for your week long vacation in the mountains, but you still have that doubt in your mind. How do you know your home was ready for you to leave for a week?

Consider that your home is covered by a good policy should something go wrong, but in the meantime, prepare ahead of time to avoid extra cost to you and your family. Preventive measures means securing your home with a good system.

We make it easy for you to decide if you want to invest in some of the new technology which allows for some appliances and security issues to be tracked from an app while you’re away from home.

Here we will cover some of the options available to you so that you can choose if this is a good option for your family.


For Android and Apple devices:

Control lighting, small appliances, thermostat.

View live video of your home.

Lock and unlock doors.

Arm and disarm your alarm system.

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For Android and Apple systems:

Control specific areas of home, such as gun cabinet, safe or liquor cabinet.

Remotely access alarm to disarm or arm.

View live video feed of your home.

Email and text alerts in real-time. Appalarm

For Android and Apple systems:

Compatible app with security system installed that allows user to:

Control lights, thermostat

View live video of home.

Arm and disarm system and view images captured on image sensors.


Many other options are available as technology makes it easier to protect our homes and our belongings more so than ever before. If you choose to install a system you may qualify for an even greater discount.

To see if you qualify for a discount after your home is secured, please contact our office today.